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This course gives you a base of good English pronunciation skills, enabling you to speak pleasingly, musically, and effectively. It covers all 44 sounds in the English language, guiding you through how to pronounce those sounds and words. The pronunciation of ‘R’ has special rules which are well-explained in the British Lingua classrooms. For example, the letter ‘R’ is sounded only when it is followed by a functional vowel letter as in reading, raining, writing, etc. The words of more than one vowel sound are not pronounced at one go. They are rather split into segments and each portion is voiced. Such things are well explained under  yllabication during the training programme. 

Drills for the following sounds: 

Vowel Sounds= 20
Short Vowels (7): ə, ʌ, æ, ɪ, ʊ, ɛ, ɒ
Long Vowels (5): ɜː, ɑː, iː, uː, ɔː
Diphthongs (8): əʊ, aʊ, ɛə, ɪə, eɪ, aɪ, ʊə, ɔɪ
Consonants = 24
1. /p/
2. /b/
3. /t/
4. /d/
5. /k/
6. /g/
7. /f/
8. /v/
9. /s/
10. /z/
11. /ʃ/
12. /ʒ/
13. /ʧ/
14. /ʤ/
15. /θ/
16. /ð/
17. /l/
18. /m/
19. /n/
20. /ŋ/
21. /h/
22. /r/
23. /j/
24. /w/

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✅ Verbal Communication Skills: Enhance your ability to express ideas clearly, engage listeners, and deliver impactful presentations. 

✅ Listening Skills: Strengthen your active listening skills, comprehend accents and different speech patterns, and become an attentive and empathetic communicator.

✅ Cultural Sensitivity: Develop cross-cultural communication skills, understand cultural nuances, and adapt your communication style for effective global interactions. 

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