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It consists of basic spoken English that lays a strong foundation for good English. This course is suitable for students, homemakers or beginners. This course is an introduction to the basic vocabulary and grammar through which you can attain the skills required to start the next stage of learning English.

  1. Introduction

    • Greeting and introducing yourself
    • Basic conversation starters
    • Expressing personal information (name, age, nationality, etc.)
  2. Pronunciation and Phonetics

    • Correct pronunciation of English sounds
    • Stress and intonation patterns
    • Common pronunciation challenges for non-native speakers
  3. Vocabulary Building

    • Everyday words and phrases
    • Common expressions and idioms
    • Word formation (prefixes, suffixes, etc.)
  4. Grammar Essentials

    • Parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.)
    • Tenses (present, past, future)
    • Sentence structure and formation
  5. Basic Conversations

    • Ordering food in a restaurant
    • Shopping and bargaining
    • Asking for directions
  6. Social Situations

    • Introducing others and making small talk
    • Expressing opinions and preferences
    • Invitations and accepting/declining them
  7. Role-Playing and Practice Exercises

    • Simulated conversations in various scenarios
    • Pair/group activities for practice
    • Listening comprehension exercises
  8. Common Mistakes and Corrections

    • Identifying and correcting common errors
    • Tips for improving fluency and accuracy
    • Self-correction techniques
  9. Cultural Awareness

    • Understanding cultural differences in communication
    • Etiquette and norms in English-speaking countries
    • Cross-cultural communication tips
  10. Review and Assessment

    • Periodic review of course content
    • Quizzes and assessments to measure progress
    • Feedback and suggestions for improvement

Syllabus :Β 

  1. Introduction to spoken English Skills
  2. Art of introducing oneself
  3. Art of meeting/greeting/parting
  4. How to communicate with strangers
  5. Use of some courtesy words (sorry, thank you, excuse me, pardon etc.)
  6. Lecture on manners/soft skills/ body language
  7. Welcome a guest/ see someone off (parting)
  8. Concepts of the English alphabet, English sounds
  9. Learning basic words and forming sentences with them
  10. Learning verbs and forming sentences with them.
  11. Identifying subject and predicate in a sentence identifying and using
  12. parts of speech
  13. Basic use of has/have/had
  14. Basic use of do/does
  15. Pronunciation and usage of basic words
  16. Frequently used Modal Verbs
  17. About articles /Omission of Articles
  18. Basic concept and Application of Tenses
  19. Reading short and simple paragraphs with understanding
  20. Tips on writing skills (through activities)
  21. How to write short Paragraphs (with the help of given guidelines
  22. Punctuation, capitalization, commas etc
  23. Verb Tenses
  24. Auxiliary verb


πŸ“Œ Key Features:

βœ… Interactive sessions with experienced English trainers.
βœ… Practical exercises to improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.
βœ… Engaging activities for effective language practice.
βœ… Role-plays and discussions to boost confidence.
βœ… Customized learning plans to suit your needs.
βœ… Personalized feedback for continuous improvement.

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