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Are you new to the world of computers?
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Our Basic Computer Course is the perfect starting point for beginners like you!
 Course Highlights:

 Introduction to Computer Fundamentals 
 Navigating Operating Systems with Ease
 Essential Software Applications
 Surfing the Web Safely and Efficiently
 Mastering Email and Online Communication
 File Management Made Simple
 Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

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Basic Computer Course

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Computers

    • Understanding the basics: Hardware, Software, and Operating Systems
    • Familiarizing with computer components and peripherals
  2. Operating System Fundamentals

    • Exploring Windows/MacOS/Linux interfaces
    • Working with files and folders
    • Customizing system settings for optimal use
  3. Internet and Web Browsing

    • Navigating the web with popular browsers
    • Searching effectively using search engines
    • Understanding online safety and privacy
  4. Email and Online Communication

    • Setting up and managing email accounts
    • Composing, sending, and receiving emails
    • Understanding netiquette and email etiquette
  5. Word Processing

    • Introduction to Microsoft Word or similar software
    • Creating, editing, and formatting documents
    • Incorporating tables, images, and other elements
  6. Spreadsheets

    • Basics of Microsoft Excel or similar software
    • Creating and formatting spreadsheets
    • Using formulas and functions for calculations
  7. Presentations

    • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint or similar software
    • Creating engaging and professional presentations
    • Utilizing multimedia elements effectively
  8. Basic Troubleshooting

    • Identifying common computer issues
    • Troubleshooting hardware and software problems
    • Best practices for computer maintenance
  9. Introduction to Internet Security

    • Understanding online threats and risks
    • Implementing security measures and best practices
    • Protecting personal information online

Course Project: Participants will undertake a practical project to apply the skills and concepts learned throughout the course. 

Assessment: The course assessment will be based on active participation, completion of assignments, and the final project.

Certificate: Upon successful completion of the Basic Computer Course, participants will receive a certificate of achievement.

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