Best Computer Courses and Spoken English Institute in Kapashera Delhi!


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About(CCI) Career Companion Institute Kapashera.

Best Computer Courses and Spoken English Institute in Kapashera Delhi!

Learning Computer Courses & Spoken English can be highly rewarding. If you are planning to work in Private Sector Companies, studying Soft Skills Training is a must. Today, there are many institutions that offer Computer Courses & Spoken English but CCI (Career Companion Institute ) Kapashera Center has always been the best choice among learners. The Career Companion Institute (CCI) in Kapashera helps you prepare and get the best Job Placement. Computer Courses and Spoken English courses are the gateway to local and international careers. Whether you are in the Medical, Engineering, or Banking industry, having a good grasp of the Computer & English language gives you an upper hand. Our courses cover several areas to prepare you for the real workplace environment.
CCI Kapashera center offers you the right environment and experts to hand-hold you through the learning process. Our professionals are highly qualified with thorough knowledge of various training tactics. At Career Companion Institute Kapashera, we help you elevate your confidence by continuously imparting new skills. We tailor-make your courses to meet your specific needs. We have trainers from different professional backgrounds and you will enjoy interacting and learning with them. Our core business is to enhance your overall skills and give you the right knowledge to fit well in any working environment. This is achieved through imparting new skills and a positive attitude towards your career goals.

Our courses include:

 Computer Courses : 3 Months/ 6 Months/1 Year 

  1. Introduction to Computer Science
  2. Digital Marketing 
  3. Graphic Designing 
  4. E Accounting
  5. Video Editing 
  6. MIS In Advanced Excel
  7. Programming Fundamentals
  8. Web Development
  9. Data Science and Analytics
  10. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  11. Cybersecurity and Network Security
  12. Database Management
  13. Software Engineering
  14. Mobile App Development
  15. Game Development
  16. Cloud Computing
  17. Internet of Things (IoT)
  18. Graphic Design and Digital Media
  19. Computer Hardware and Maintenance
  20. Operating Systems and System Administration
  21. Digital Marketing and SEO
  22. Python Programming
  23. Java Programming
  24. C++ Programming
  25. Front-end and Back-end Development
  26. Computer Networking and Routing
  27. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
  28. Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing
  29. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  30. Data Visualization

Spoken English Courses : 3 Months/ 6 Months/1 Year

  1. Spoken English Foundation
  2. Spoken English Basic
  3. Spoken English Advance
  4. Spoken English Comprehensive
  5. Customized Courses
  6. Communication Skills/GD
  7. Personality Development
  8. Interview Techniques & Advance GD
  9. Overseas Internship
  11. Voice & Accent
  12. Creative Writing
  13. Business English

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