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Web Designing Course in Aya Nagar

Best Web Designing Course In Delhi

Web Designing Course  –HTML

  • Introduction to HTML
    – What is HTML?
    – Tag Syntax
    – Create HTML
  • HTML Document
    – Structure
    – Doctype
    – html element
    – head element
    – body element
  • Basic content
    – Headings
    – Paragraph
    – Line
    – List
    — unordered list
    — ordered list
    — definition list
    – Image
  • Hyperlinks
    – What is Hyperlinks
    – Hyperlinks
    – Relative paths or Absolute URL
    — Relative path
    — Absolute URL
  • Tables
    – Table
    – Table row
    – Table data
    – Table heading
    – Captions
  • Forms
    – User-submittable form
    — The action attribute
    — The method attribute
    – Form controls
    — The Input element
    —- type=”text”
    —- type=”radio”
    —- type=”tel”
    —- type=”email”
    – The textarea element
    – Select menu
    — The select element
    — The option element
    – button
    – pre
    – blockquote
    – center
    – u
    – i
    – b
    – br
    – font
    – br

    – font
    – marquee
    – small
    – sub , sup
    – strike
  • Advanced HTML
    Introduction to HTML Doctype
    – The HTML5 doctype
    – The HTML 4.01 strict doctype
    – The HTML 4.01 transitional doctype
    – The XML 1.0 strict and transitional doctypes
    – The HTML 4.01 and XML 1.0
  • frameset doctypes
    – Other doctypes
  • List of HTML ELEMENT
    – Grouping content
    — div
    – Text-level semantics
    — cite
    — code
    — em
    — kbd
    — span
    – Sections
    — section
    — nav
    — article
    — aside
    — header
    — footer
    — address
  • Embedded content
    — canvas
    — map
    — area
    — svg
    — audio
    — iframe
    — video
    — embed
  • HTML structural elements
    – simple page structure using basic
    – Structuring a page with HTML 4
    — div , span structure
    – Enter HTML5 structural elements
    — header, footer , nav , article , aside , section


Web Designing Course- CSS

  • Introduction to CSS
    – What is CSS
    – Syntax
    – Selectors
    — Type selector
    —- Class selector
    —- ID selector
    —- Descendant combinator
    —- Grouping
    – Create CSS
  • Adding style to HTML
    – Linking style sheet
    — Internal style sheet
    — inline style sheet
    — external style sheet
  • Styling
    – Texts
    — text-align
    — text-decoration
    — text-indent
    – line-height
    – vertical-align
    – text-transform
    – letter-spacing
    – word-spacing
    – white-space
  • Box Size
    – width
    – height
  • Visual formatting
    – Display
    – position
    – top
    – right
    – left
    – bottom
    – Float
    – clear
    – z-index
    – overflow
    – clip
    – visibility
    – cursor
  • CSS Fonts
    — font-size
    — font-family
    — font-style
    — font-weight
    — Font Face
    —- Custom Fonts
    —- Google Fonts
    – Lists
    – Link
  • Box model
    – Box model
    – Paddings and Margins
    – Background
    – Borders
    – outline
    – color
    – opacity
  • Advanced CSS
    Box Size
    – width
    – min-width
    – max-width
    – height
    – min-height
    – max-height
  • Styling tables
    – Table and cell width
    – border, padding, margin
    – A simple design
    –Styling forms
    – label styling
    – input styling
    – select styling
    – button styling
    – textarea styling
    – checkbox, radio button styling
    – error message styling
    – fieldset styling
  • Floats and clearing
    – How does floating work?
    – Margins on floats
    – Clearing
    – Containing floats
    – Shrink-wrapping
    – Centering Floats
  • CSS static and relative positioning
    – Static positioning
    – Relative positioning
  • CSS absolute and fixed positioning
    – Absolute positioning
    – Fixed positioning


CSS Course in Aya Nagar

Web Designing Course – JavaScript

 JavaScript Syllabus

  1. Overview:
    JavaScript is a loosely-typed client-side scripting language that executes in the user’s web browser. A
    web page without JavaScript is unimaginable today. There are many open-source application development
    frameworks based on JavaScript.

  2. Course Objectives:
            Understand the JavaScript language & the Document Object Model.
            Alter, show, hide and move objects on a web page.
            Check information inputted into a form.
            Javascript allows programming to be performed without server interaction.
            Javascript can respond to events, such as button clicks.
            Javascript can validate data before sending out a request.
            Javascript can adjust an HTML document for special effects.
            Javascript can create cookies! Cookies can be used to store and retrieve information from the user’s computer.
  3. Pre-requisite / Target Audience: An intermediate knowledge on HTML.

    Module 1: Introduction

    In this module, we will learn about what is JavaScript and the benefits of the language. We can also learn how to write
    the first JavaScript program.
             JavaScript Introduction

    Module 2: Language Syntax

    In this module, we will learn about JavaScript language syntax and how to use the program level. And we can also
    learn to understand the arrays.
            Variable declaration
            Control Statements
            Error Handling
            Understanding arrays
            Function Declaration

    Module 3: Built-In Functions

Web Designing Course-


WordPress Syllabus

  1. Installing WordPress
       Uploading WordPress to your web server
       Installing WordPress
       Database Connectivity
       Theme Customization
  2. Configuring WordPress
       Using the WordPress dashboard
       Managing content in the WordPress dashboard
       Types of users
       The WordPress settings panel
       Reading and writing settings
       Permalinks and RSS feeds
       Creating and managing posts
       Setting up post categories
       Creating and managing pages
       Managing comments
       Installing and updating plugins
      Customizing WordPress themes
       WordPress theme options
  3. Advanced Topics
      WordPress Security / backup / domain transfers
      Migration From Different Platforms
      Optimization of WordPress Website
  4. WordPress SEO (Overview)
      On-Page SEO
      SEO Plugin
  5. Test / Assignments for Certifications
      Practical Test
     Written Test



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